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development history




       Dongguan WINSTECHJingji Hardware Products Co Ltd, belonging to the Hongkong Ming division precision technology group company, was established in 2003 October, is located in the heart of Tangxia Zhen Tian Cun Tian Xin Lu, covers an area of 40000square meters. The young and the company has international advanced level of high,fine, sharp production equipment and a number of high-quality, high level of passion of the production, research and development and management team, stamping and service companies mainly engaged in mold development, design, manufacture andmetal parts.



       WINSTECH(Wu Han)


       Wuhan Winstech partment of Great Automotive Components Company Limited,was founded in 2010 May, the company is headquartered in Jiangxia city Jiangxia District No. 35 Wuhan Miao Shan Development Zone Road, has a complete, scientificquality management system, integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry.

      Mainly engaged in: auto parts mold manufacturing; auto parts processing, assembly;precision metal mold manufacturing. The main customers are: FAW Volkswagen,Shanghai Volkswagen, Dongfeng, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile, FAW, FAW car, Changan Hafei etc..



      WINSTECH(Chong Qing):


      Chongqing Winstech Jingji Auto Parts Co., Ltd., founded in 2011 December, the company is located in Phoenix Lake Industrial Park of Yongchuan District, the factory covers an area of 40 acres, mainly engaged in auto parts stamping, now has 400T,300T precision punch and production mold, the company fully in accordance with themodern enterprise system establishment, implementation of strict and scientific management, improve the quality of system. Major customers: Changan Ford,Changan SUZUKI.



       WINSTECH(Xiang Yang):


       Xiangyang Winstech company, founded in 2014. Mainly engaged in welding robot.....