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Enterprise culture

People oriented:

The fundamental business is "people", "enterprise" without the "people" is also "stop".

⑴The "humanized" refers to management: management can compassionate staff, respect the reasonable needs of employees;

⑵It refers to the company "candidate, educating and employing" philosophy of science:

: sainted and talented person unconventional reuse, the use of training not only virtuous, non talented German restrict employment, non German researchers resolutely not.

⑶The construction of a "harmonious and enterprising and learning" management team:

Harmony: don't kick the ball to dare to take responsibility, dare not cliques merit, not to seek the interests of small groups dare to maintain the overall interests of the company, not to engage in politics in the workplace do go to person.

Enterprising: no negative, don't complain, not conservative, not autistic, not to do mediocre!

Learning: learning to behave, learn to do, learn management, science and technology, learning etiquette, keep learning.

⑷We adhere to the enterprise "material civilization" and "spiritual civilization" grasping with both hands.


In order to quickly win:

The enterprise competition to win in the "executive force", "products and services do you no I have, you have my new, I am your new fast".

⑴According to the customer as the center, to win business customers, also won the chance to live for myself.

⑵The fast and not random, have advance planning scheme for the support, quality assurance is the premise.

⑶The fast is executive force, requires all staff ideological unity, consistent action, consistent, consistent rhythm.

⑷How fast is the "sail against the current", otherwise it will fall behind, being eliminated by the market.


Team culture:

Our team: passion, trustworthy, efficient, practical

Passion: regardless of age, regardless of position, we Ming division of enterprise, family, career, always full of sunshine of life, keep fighting, never go straight on straight passion.

Trustworthy: "letter" is the "good faith", "loyalty" and "reputation", we Ming division people to customers honest, loyal to the enterprise, make enterprise and individual credit brand.

High efficiency: we want to achieve efficient production and office efficiency, rely on the technology innovation and assiduously, rely on the Jidoka and jit.

Action: Qinnengbuzhuo, adhere to the "empty fails, the doers of Societe Generale" Ming Department of psychiatry!