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        Winstech Production Industrial Metal Co. Ltd ,belonging to the Hongkong Ming division precision technology group company, was established in 2003 October, is located in the heart of Tangxia Zhen Tian Cun Tian Xin Lu, covers an area of 40000 square meters. The young and the company has international advanced level of high, fine, sharp production equipment and a number of high-quality, high level of passion of the production, research and development and management team, stamping and service companies mainly engaged in mold development, design, manufacture and metal parts.

        The company owns two advanced production lines, one is the mold manufacturing, is a metal stamping; the main production of automotive parts and play (complex) printing machine, LCD TV, mobile phones and laptop computers and other sophisticated electronic products. The main customers (direct and indirect) for Nissan, TOYOTA, Honda, general motors, Ford, Toshiba, Ricoh, SONY, IBM and Canon etc..

        The company advocates "people-oriented, fast to win" the spirit of enterprise culture, based on guaranteeing the income of employees in material (the company set up a professional basketball team, set up the entertainment venues and related facilities, regular organization of tourism activities and so on), and rich spiritual and cultural life of employees actively.

        The company successfully applied ERP advanced information management system, and has passed the ISO9000 quality and ISO14000 environmental management system certification audit; advanced staff management system, advocate humane management, has established a perfect staff training and promotion mechanism, for outstanding performance, performance significantly, in addition to have the opportunity of outstanding employees were as the company, the more chance in the company management and technical post training object, accelerated to achieve their own professional development!