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     Mold students tube    [2014-11-18 12:50:59]
    Place:  Wu Han
    Salary:  Negotiable
    Number:  1
    Sex:  Female sex
    Age:  20-35
    Condition:  Work rigorous, honest, good character, strong affinity, strong understanding, communication ability
    Job Description:

    1, bachelor degree or above, business management, secretarial, administrativemanagement related major is preferred;...

    2, work carefully, have a rational, logical thinking ability;

    3, skilled use of Word, Excel, CAD and other text processing software;

    4, good occupation accomplishment and the occupation ethics, good written and verbalability;

    5, work rigorous, honest, good character, strong affinity, good communication ability;

    In 6, aged 25 - 35 years old, height 160 above, figure temperament beautiful;

    7, 3 years or above related working experience;